Follow Your Plan to Avoid Job Search Procrastination

Posted May 17, 2016

During a job search, it can get frustrating if you haven't been successful.

All too often, frustration leads to procrastinating since no one likes to repeatedly fail. However, creating a plan will help keep you on task and stiffen your resolve.

What are you looking for?

Making a plan and staying motivated is hard if you don’t know what you're planning and working toward. You need to start your plan with a mission statement that identifies the kind of job you're looking for and why you want that job.

If you identify what's important to you, like gaining experience or working in a team setting, you may find jobs to apply for that weren't initially on your radar.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Before you start knocking down doors, you’ve got to make sure you'll be presenting yourself in the best light, and that means updating your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you've listed all your latest professional achievement and your resume is formatted properly. Where possible, give concrete facts and figures. For instance, if you helped to make a process faster or more efficient at your last company, list how much time or money you helped to save.

If you've been searching for a while without success, consider rewriting your resume and LinkedIn profile with the help of another professional. At Ambassador, our staff is always ready to help you review your resume and offer some knowledgeable advice.

Network, network, network

Job hunting is about more than just sending out resumes and sitting by the phone.

Since most people find a new job through someone they know, a big part of your job search should involve both expanding your circle of contacts and reaching out to folks you already know. You can do this on both social media and in real life.

If, when reaching out to your network, you want to avoid seeming too needy, simply ask the people in your network for job searching advice. This lets them know you are looking for a new job without seeming like you are asking for a favor.

Don't neglect this step: It could be the one that gets you the job you want.

Identify and research target companies

While a great job can be found at almost any company, focusing your efforts on a short list of targets helps you to stay focused.

After listing the companies you want to work for, do some in-depth research to learn their company values, interact with their customers or clients and how they stack up next to the competition. This information will help you have an informed conversation with people in one of these companies or the industries they operate in.

These basic planning steps should help you stay focused and avoid procrastination. Often, a temporary or temp-to-hire position can be the step you need to move your career ahead. If you’re interested in working with a leading employment firm in the South, contact us today!