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Increase Profitability. Maximize Productivity. Reduce Liability, Costs and Time.

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, being an employer is a huge responsibility. The financial, administrative and legal obligations of maintaining even a small staff can take up a majority of your time - time you probably don't have!

Our goal is to provide comprehensive employment services that allow you to focus on your core business activities, just as we focus on ours - employee administration.


Workers' Compensation

We'll make sure that your organization is fully prepared and ready whenever injuries happen. Our complete menu of workers' compensation programs is designed to help your employees recover and get back on the job as quickly as possible, with a minimum of cost and inconvenience to you and your staff. And we'll keep you in full compliance with all governmental regulations and reporting requirements, minimizing your exposure to liability.

Unemployment Insurance

We would be considered the employer of record for payment of federal income and unemployment taxes, therefore assuming liability and paying taxes on time based on our own rate. We also guarantee complete compliance with all federal and state tax laws.

Employee Benefits Programs

We can help you design an employee benefits package that will enable you to compete with larger companies for the best employees while meeting your financial and business objectives. We also administer these benefits programs, taking one more time-consuming responsibility off your plate.

Tax Reporting/Quarterly Reports

We can ensure accurate and on time tax reporting. We assist with:

  • 941 and Schedule B Reporting/Federal Withholding
  • City, State and School District Withholdings
  • SUTA Tax and Wage Reports
  • FUTA Tax and Wage Reports

I-9 Compliance/E-Verify

We can assist you in complying with Form I-9 requirements and using the E-Verify program, to help avoid immigration violations.

W-2 and W-4 Processing

We take care of all responsibilities connected to the proper filling out and submission of employee W-2 and W-4 forms.

Service After the Sale

After you’ve hired one of our candidates, we check in continually with both parties to see how things are going and whether both are satisfied.  We provide updates,answer questions and do whatever we can to ensure that each match is a win.


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