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Production Operator

Job ID:00005FMR
Work Site:Duncan, SC
Category:General / Other
Sub-Category:Assembly / Production
Branch Location:Spartanburg, SC
Education:High School
Pay Rate:$10.75 - $10.75
Post Date:03/23/2019
Job Description:The production operator may be involved in more than one process including cleaning (remove excess foam and build up on molds), spraying (applying release agent to the mold to prevent the foamed part from sticking to the mold or the part being burned), demolding (removal of parts from the molds and visually inspect for voids, tears, out of channel or missing wires), or inlaying (accurately inlaying wires, hard foam, fleeces, and frames into molds).

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Remove excess foam and build up from mold by scrubbing with a tuffy and/or plastic pick.
Identify non-conforming material and properly dispose of the material.
Communicate quality issues to operators on the line, and/or process, shift lead, and supervisor.
Spray mold using a hand operated sprayer.
Spray mold with hand held air gun to clean off excess flash left from parts.
Remove a quality part from the molds.
Able to identify when a mold needs more or less release agent to avoid sticking and ripping of parts being removed from the mold.
Correctly place material into molds prior to foaming process.
Additional duties as needed and assigned.

Skills and Abilities:
Must be able to reach top of mold for cleaning purposes.
Ability to read barcode label and match it with corresponding part.
Ability to distinguish which parts are used on each mold.

Primary Working Relationships:
Works with supervisor and shift lead.
May have interacting with quality, process and maintenance personnel.
Works as a team with fellow employees on the production line.

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:
Standing for an extended period of time.
Stretching while cleaning material on a moving carousel.
Must be able to bend over and pick up debris and material.
Possible release agent material and dust particle exposure in the environment.
Squeezing motion used on hand held air gun.
Ability to lift 30 lbs..

Education and/or Training Required:
High School Diploma/GED
Ability to read and interpret work instructions/general production information written and communicated in English.
1 year of manufacturing experience

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