Dental/Vision/Orthodontic Plans

Dental Plan

Dental coverage is sure to put a smile on your face. Our affordable Plan design options make it possible to add this valuable plan to your benefit package. It covers two preventive cleanings per year per person and one set of x-rays per year for free, with no additional out of pocket expense. It has a $1,000 annual maximum benefit that can be used for Basic and Major Dental Services. It pays 80% of Basic Services such as extractions, removal of teeth, fillings and Periodontics Services. It pays up to 50% of Major Services which include crowns, root canals, and periodic repairs of existing bridgework and dentures. There is a twelve month waiting period for Major Services and Orthodontic Services. Orthodontic Services and Vision Services are available for an additional premium.

Vision Plan

Many Americans wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve their vision. As we get older, this need increases. It is critical during this time of sharp increases in the costs of health care to maintain eye health and to catch problems before they become serious; this keeps everyone's costs at a minimum. Ambassadors Vision Plan is an excellent choice and can be added to your Dental Plan for an additional premium. It pays for one free eye exam per year per person and up to $200 for lenses, frames and contacts per year.

Orthodontic Plan

Orthodontic Care can help straighten crooked teeth and close gaps between teeth. It can also fix a “bad bite” due to misalignment of your teeth. Seeing an Orthodontist when needed can improve your overall dental health. Ambassador offers Orthodontic Services that can be added to your Dental Plan for an additional premium. It covers up to a maximum of $2,000 lifetime Orthodontic benefit per person. It covers Diagnostic Services such as examinations, x-rays, diagnostic casts and study models. It also covers orthodontic extractions, orthodontic appliances, and monthly adjustments. There is a twelve month waiting period to be eligible for Orthodontic Services under your dental plan.