Prescription Drug Information

When you enroll in the Basic 5000 Medical Plan or the Blue Ribbon Medical Plan, you automatically have prescription drug benefits. CVS Caremark administers the prescription drug plan for the Ambassador Medical Plans, but you can use any pharmacy you choose.

Prescriptions are not subject to your deductible. All generic prescriptions are FREE with no co-pay. There is a $70.00 co-pay for name brand prescriptions and $100.00 co-pay for all specialty prescriptions. This means that you would pay "up to" the co-pay maximum. If your brand name or specialty prescription only costs $45.00, then you would pay only the true cost of $45.00.

You do not need a separate prescription card. Your medical insurance card includes all of the information your pharmacy needs to fill your prescriptions. All you need to do is to present your medical card to any pharmacy you choose.

Save money through CVS Caremark Home Delivery Services. You can get a 3-month supply of your maintenance medications at the rate you would normally pay for only a 2-month supply. For more information, you can visit your local CVS pharmacy or go online at to sign up for the home delivery program.

Drug Type Retail Pharmacy
(30 Day Supply)
Home Delivery/CVS
Online Pharmacy
(90 Day Supply)
Generic Free Free
Formulary - Branded $70.00 $140.00
Non Formulary - Branded $70.00 $140.00
Specialty $100.00 $200.00

Review the drug lists below to see if your current medications are covered under your prescription program. If your current prescriptions are not listed or if you take a medication that does not have a generic alternative, visit your local CVS pharmacy to find out if you qualify for their discount prescription program.