Customer Testimonials

We don’t like to brag… so we’ll let our customers do it for us!

  “We have been using Ambassador Personnel Services for several years for our temporary and temp-to-hire employment needs.  We are very pleased with the service they provide for us.  We know that we will always receive quality candidates who are also well qualified for the specifications we give to Ambassador.”

Over the years, we have permanently hired many of the people that were sent to us by Ambassador.   We continue to be impressed with their service.”

  “I have been using Ambassador now for 6+ years, and I’ve found that they really do take the time to understand my company and our needs, and care about not only my company but the individuals that they send to me.  Since I have been using Ambassador, I have hired quite a number of their employees that they have sent to me and find that they still recognize those individuals when my account rep visits.  In my opinion, Ambassador has always been honest and can be trusted (not like most of the other staffing companies out there).”

  “[Our] overall relationship with Ambassador has been nothing but positive.

99% of our dealings are with our senior recruiter, who has worked harder and relates to our ever-changing needs better than any staffing service I have been involved with.”

  “I am always impressed by the turnaround time from Ambassador in sending qualified candidates for my often last-minute job orders.  They work closely with their candidates so that instead of just sending a body they send the right person to fill the role. I have also recently been utilizing the testing services for any administrative candidates that I’m considering for employment.  This feature allows you to test the skills of the candidate prior to offering them a position—a great addition to the services available through Ambassador.”

  “I wanted to take this time to thank the entire team at Ambassador for all that you have done for us over the years.  Ambassador has always given us great service and fantastic communication, all at the best rate I have found anywhere.”

  “What is noteworthy is that even when I use another agency to get a greater selection of candidates, Ambassador has almost always had the best candidate.  And in the end, that is what is most important: the recruiting.

I look forward to doing business with all of you again.”