Employment Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

When is my timecard due?

Your timecard is due by Tuesday at 12:00 NOON, following the week that you worked. In some of our branch offices, this may be another day. In some cases, you will be responsible for filling your timecard out completely for each day that you work. During your post-hire orientation, you will receive specific information regarding your pay. Timecards MUST be signed by a supervisor at the company where you are working.  In other cases, your supervisor will send over your time.  Ambassador makes EVERY effort to get all time due and processed in a timely fashion. 

Intentional falsification of timecards or payroll checks is considered theft by fraud and will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

How do I get paid?

You can be paid by direct deposit into your bank account and/or a Skylight Visa Paycard. Your pay will be automatically deposited each week into a checking OR savings account of your choice or to Skylight Visa Paycard if you do not have a bank account. Your Recruiter will give you more information on your Skylight Visa Paycard, which is a pre-paid reloadable Visa card distributed by each Ambassador office that can be used nationwide. All the necessary forms can be obtained at your nearest branch office.

Your pay will be deposited into your account or onto your card based upon the day it is processed.  Again, you will be informed of this during your post-hire orientation. Changes to your name, address, financial institution or account number must be reported in writing to payroll as soon as possible. You must notify Ambassador in writing to cancel your direct deposit or to change to another account. 

Your weekly pay stub can be downloaded every Friday morning by logging in to eConnect.

What is Ambassador’s attendance policy?

If you are going to be late or cannot report to your assignment, call at least one hour before the assignment start time, if possible.

Approved Absences:  These absences must be reported in advance to your Ambassador Recruiter and documentation must be provided, when appropriate. These absences may include bereavement, jury duty and witness duty, military duty, parental leave, or on-the-job-injury. These are unpaid absences.

Unapproved Absences: These absences will be recorded on all employees attendance records. Documentation may be required. These absences may include illness, non-work related injury or personal issues, such as flat tires, cars not starting, late buses, court appearances, etc. These absences MUST be reported to your Ambassador Recruiter prior to the start time of your assignment, if possible.

If you incur regular unapproved absences, you will be counseled by your Ambassador Recruiter. Second and third occurrences may result in a warning letter, probation and/or termination from the assignment.  Continued unapproved absences on multiple assignments will result in termination from Ambassador altogether.