4 Qualities of a Team Player

Posted January 25, 2020 - Revised January 25, 2020

Because every industry involves working with other people, the ability to be a good team player is essential to every single job.

Having a lot of team players in your organization means having a company that is more than the sum of its parts. When employees communicate well with each other, treat each other with respect, and everyone does their fair share, it translates to high levels of morale and productivity.

If you are currently looking to hire, you'll want to be sure that you're screening for candidates who are team players. Consider the four following qualities.

1.  Respect

It seems pretty evident that someone who is a good team player wouldn't disrespect other people. Still, disrespect happens in the typical workplace all the time, often in subtle ways and without the person realizing what they've done.

Good team players are self-aware when it comes to how they talk about and treat others. They understand that when you show respect, you should expect it in return.

A good team player is also open to others' ideas and points of view. This aspect of teamwork is why diverse teams can be so much more effective than nondiverse teams. Being open-minded sounds easy, but it requires self-control and active listening. People who respect the thoughts of others don't interrupt or immediately think of a rebuttal when they hear something they don't initially accept. They think about what is being said and, perhaps more importantly, why the other person is saying what they are.

2.  Initiative

Rather than sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else do good work, team player wants to get in the game. They are willing to stretch themselves and take on challenges.

Good team players also try to involve others. They understand how to keep other team members in the loop and willingly share helpful ideas.

3.  Reliability

A good team player is dependable and has a strong sense of personal responsibility. They work on tasks based on priority, not necessarily what is easiest or in their own interest.

Team players are also genuinely dedicated to their cause. They are physically in the workplace when needed and contribute as much they can. Team players help others and offer help, particularly in areas where they have a great deal of expertise.

4.  Good Communication Ability

Being on a team means being in a relationship with other people, and all relationships depend on excellent communication. In the workplace, good communication includes being open and transparent when it comes to good news and bad news.

Good communicators understand how to share their thoughts and opinions with others, as well as how not to share them. It's always a good idea to consider the way your views and opinions will be received before you decide to share them.

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