5 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy

Posted March 29, 2017

As a company leader you probably spend a lot of time sifting through applications looking to hire people who are loyal, dedicated, clever and proactive. These are important characteristics you can usually find in the most committed and satisfied employees. But what happens if your employees lose the feeling of motivation and the drive to perform well? How can you tell when it is happening?

Fortunately there are warning signs that will tell you your employees are unhappy at their jobs. Here are five to look out for:

1. Absence, tardiness and procrastination.

If you notice your employees are applying for numerous sick leaves, leaving work abruptly, or taking extended lunches and frequent breaks, these could be indicative of unsatisfied and disengaged staff.

2. Avoidance and lack of contribution.

Unhappy employees are not likely to contribute to the team or be proactive. These employees barely speak up or pass the day without any meaningful contributions.

An absence of synergy among your employees is also an indication that team spirit is missing. If employees do not connect with one another they are giving you clues that something is wrong.

3. Poor quality of work.

High productivity is a great indicator of employee satisfaction. If your employees' quality of work falls off dramatically it could be a sign of dissatisfaction. Sloppy work and low productivity are not only symptoms of unsatisfied employees but they also negatively affect the company's bottom line.

4. Customer complaints.

Low productivity leads to inaccurate work which will affect your customers. An increase in customer complaints is another signal there is a problem with a specific employee or groups of employees.

When employees are unhappy they will not be eager to fulfill the customers' expectations. Watch out for processing errors, diminished quality control or product returns that have a direct impact on customer attitudes towards your business.

5. Turnover.

If your top employees start resigning unexpectedly - even if their own performance has not changed - this is a tell-tale sign they do not want to be part of a company that has a negative environment.

Watch out for these signs and take corrective action before you lose valuable people. Unhappy employees can be your company's biggest liability because high turnover means more training which costs you time and money. If you notice your employees are exhibiting these signs, have management speak with your unhappy employees privately so you can identify areas in which to improve.

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