Are You Considering a Career in Sales? 3 Things You Need to Know

Posted December 8, 2016

With your ability to make a living resting on your capacity to convince someone else to spend money, a career in sales can appear to be quite intimidating.

However, there are many great reasons to pursue a career in sales, including the possibility to earn a very decent living and performance-based advancement opportunities.

There are a few things you should know before diving into a career in sales.

You should be resilient and self-reflective

Regardless of job specifics, you will certainly be expected to sell, and that requires a high degree of personal resilience. Resilience is also one of the crucial qualities of successful people. If you can persistently handle rejection and still succeed, it says a lot about you as a person. Businesses aren't on the lookout for individuals who disappear when situations get tough. They're on the lookout for people who can prosper in stressful situations and can handle pressure.

A career in sales also offers you the opportunity to be more self-reflective. When meeting with potential clients, salespeople must project the best version of themselves, and that often requires some soul searching. This type of career is a chance to look in the mirror, be self-critical and try to work on improving some of your personal weaknesses.

You'll have a wide range of job options

Companies depend on sales for revenue. As a result, every company wants a good sales staff. Sales is also a fairly high-turnover field, so jobs are continuously opening up. Try to avoid seeing turnover as a negative. It's actually an opportunity. If you're good in sales, there is always a job for you.

Furthermore, a bad sales period doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad salesperson. Not being capable of selling a low-demand product to a specified clientele could just mean you have to move on to another company and another product line.

There is a lot of upside, if you're good

If you're a top performer, sales offers you the chance to be out of the office and manage your own schedule, meaning more freedom during the day. So long as you meet or surpass your targets, your boss won't be worried about what you are doing at every single moment.

Additionally, there is the chance to make a very good living. Earning a living with commissions can be daunting, but in an hourly position, you can be terminated for not performing up to expectations. In an hourly position, your hours can be cut for underperforming. If you're doing well, you can be recognized and given a raise or a bonus. The main difference is, when working on commission, you have more control of your compensation situation.

At Ambassador, we have many open positions available, including many sales positions. If you are currently interested in taking the next step on your career path, please feel free to contact us today to work with a full-service staffing agency!