Are You Posting a Job Description or a Job Advertisement?

Posted October 26, 2019

Hiring managers may think using a job description as a job advertisement is fine because there is no difference.

However, they are different and ignoring that difference can be risky since the aim of each is unique; a job advertisement should attract applicants while a job description should inform people, including potential applicants. If you're beginning to see lower application numbers or your application numbers aren't where they should be, it's worth reviewing the differences between a job description and a job advertisement.

A Job Advertisement Is Written to Sell

The purpose of a job description is to provide a complete overview of what a particular job entails. It is supposed to act as a reference tool, first and foremost. While including all the small details of a role is essential to providing a total overview, these details may not make a job more appealing to prospective employees.

The purpose of a job advertisement, on the other hand, is to sell the job, and therefore, it should be written as such.

An Advertisement Ought to Be Short and to the Point

Job descriptions generally contain a long list of key details about the position, including desirable soft skills like leadership or communication abilities. Because job advertisements should be short and snappy, briefly outlining the job duties and an overview of the role is sufficient. Also, many job boards have a word limit, making conventional job descriptions too long.

A Job Description Can Include Jargon

Meant to be shared internally, job descriptions often contain internal shorthand and jargon that may not make sense to people on the outside. Therefore, it's crucial to leave out any language that might be specific to your company.

While it is important to use keywords for the job and the industry, a good rule of thumb is to use simple language in a job ad.

An Advertisement Should Speak to the Culture

A job description probably won't contain anything about the business or its culture, since the person reading it is often already a part of the company. However, in a job advertisement, company and culture details can be a significant selling point.

Try to keep the description of your company as short as you can; just a sentence or two on what it provides to customers. Be sure to highlight all the benefits your business offers, and aspects of your culture that make the job highly desirable.

An Advertisement Should Include Keywords

You want people looking for work to locate your ad online by searching and, therefore, it is essential to include keywords. In particular, it's critical to list a job title that is searchable and generic, making it simple to find. For instance, a job description at a hip startup might have a 'Sales Ninja' position, but the ad for that description should use the plain old 'Sales Rep' title.

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