Avoid These Six Job Search Mistakes

Posted March 9, 2015 - Revised March 9, 2015

When embarking on a job search, it's vital that you get a few things right -- a killer résumé, a great cover letter template, and more. On the other hand, there are a few common mistakes that may put your candidacy directly into a hiring manager's wastebasket. Here are six things to avoid when hunting for a new position.

  1. Poor Spelling and Grammar on Your Resume and Cover Letter

Not making the effort to proofread your résumé and cover letter raises the risk of an error getting noticed by a hiring manager. Your chances at a job with that company are now close to zero.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Your Social Media Account Privacy Settings

While that picture of you and the beer bong in college received many "likes" from your friends, it may also be visible to the company to whom you just sent a job application. Unless that company is a craft brewery, your shot at that job might be ruined. Make it a point to check the privacy settings for any content you post online.

  1. Failure to Always Act Professionally

It is important to always present a professional air throughout your job search. This includes not emailing or calling a company 10 times a day to find out if they received your application.

  1. Being Unprepared for an Interview

The interview remains the most important part of a job search. Failure to properly prepare by reviewing your own work experience and educational background as well as researching the company in question will be noticed during the interview.

  1. Focusing Only on Yourself

While on that interview, it is vital that you focus on how you will make a difference for that company. Paying too much attention to yourself doesn't go over well with most hiring managers.

  1. Failure to Personalize Your Cover Letter

Create a cover letter template for your job search efforts, but most importantly, tailor each letter for the open position in question. A generic cover letter won't do a good job of convincing a company to bring you in for an interview.


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