Become a Better Communicator with Everyone

Posted February 26, 2015

Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written – are a must when trying to get the most out of the team at your office. The best companies with the highest operational efficiency are known for fostering communication, collaboration, and teamwork among their employees. Those in management need to make the effort to better communicate with everyone – your staff, your clients, and your own bosses.

Here are a few strategies to help you become a better communicator in your work life.

Leverage Multiple Communication Methods

Some of your employees may prefer a face-to-face meeting, while others might feel a bit intimidated and can express themselves more clearly using email or even a text message. Get a feel for their preferences and use these methods during individual communication sessions. Communication preference also matters greatly when dealing with your company's client base.

Pay Attention to Tone and Body Language

It is important to especially pay attention to your tone and body language when using verbal communication. It's hard to convey body language in an email! Tone is vital when communicating with your direct reports. Don't come across as pushy or angry when you are just trying to express some ideas, as your tone may distract from the actual substance of your message.

Any Criticism Needs to Remain Constructive

Managers need to realize that any criticism leveled at their staff must be constructive in nature. This is chance to use written and verbal communication techniques to both criticize as well as offer a plan of action to improve performance in the future. At the same time, don't hesitate to also use positive reinforcement to verbally reward a job well done.

Ultimately, taking the steps to improve all methods of professional communication helps to create an atmosphere at your organization that fosters productivity.

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