Clients Who Buy on Price Won't Be Your Sales Client for Long

Posted February 13, 2018

Upon realizing how many options are on the market, some potential sales clients are focused on one factor in their purchasing decisions: Price.

Clients fixated solely on price are less likely to appreciate quality and follow-up service. These clients are also going to be less loyal, since they're ready to opt for a cheaper alternative as soon as one comes along.

While some clients cannot be convinced to shift their focus away from price, others can be persuaded to have a greater appreciation for value. Consider the following way to deemphasize price in the minds of your clients and potential clients.

Select Your Targets

Before you waste time trying to convince people who only want the cheapest deal, research a potential client to see if they can be convinced to appreciate value over price. Research shows early adopters and those who prize innovation are more willing to opt for value over price. These potential clients tend to be more sophisticated and will appreciate an in-depth, value-based sales pitch.

Leverage Personal, Company and Product Strengths

Once you have identified them, you need to be ready to fully engage with potential clients that are "value curious." This means using the full weight of your experience, the product or service’s strengths and the company's brand reputation.

Tell possible clients about the background of the business to help construct confidence in the product. Document testimonial success stories from past clients and articulate them to your sales audience. These stories can be particularly effective if they illustrate how past clients gained a competitive advantage.

Exude Confidence

The most valuable thing a salesperson can have is confidence. If that's missing, all the studying and planning in the world can't save you; You will lose your edge on a more confident salesperson and selling based on value becomes almost impossible.

You can project confidence by getting behind the value your product or service provides. Be sure to mention indirect benefits gained through sourcing, logistics or anything else that goes beyond the basics. Emphasize why your product's value is worth your client's consideration over lower-price alternatives. Be self-assured without dragging your competition through the dirt.

Also, do not waver on price or negotiate in the middle of your pitch. Furthermore, it's critical to steer clear of phrases and words that propose flexibility on price.

Emphasize Service

The most difficult task in trying to sell based on value is getting them to imagine the complete depth and range of everything your business provides. One effective approach is to talk about customer service.

Today's clients expect a fast response time to issues, simplicity of use and the sense that you care about them after the sale. Therefore, you have to assure prospective clients your business can meet these service expectations.

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