Daily Habits To Be A Great Recruiter

Posted January 5, 2020

Generally speaking, the job of a recruiter is to supply an organization with top applicants that are best suited to fill open positions. 

The approach to recruiting has evolved significantly in the last decade. With the rise of technology and social media, recruiting has gone from reacting to labor needs to proactively sourcing talent. To be successful in the modern labor market, hiring personnel have to think strategically and long term if they want to attract the best applicants.
Below are a few daily habits of great recruiters that you should make your own if you haven't already.

Review Key Metrics

The disruptive effects of technology have permanently altered how employers hire. Hiring personnel are now expected to take a very analytical approach to their jobs through the use of key metrics.

Reviewing the results of your recruitment metrics each day helps to maintain and improve recruitment efforts. Many technical tools provide insight into recruitment campaigns from a high-level point of view. Based on key metrics, you can figure out what hiring strategies are working and which are not.

Follow Up with Current Applicants

To be able to keep applicants engaged in the process, good hiring managers make it a daily habit to respond to candidate questions and give progress reports where possible. Avoid candidates being kept in the dark for too long by maintaining an open dialogue.

In this highly competitive market, an exceptional employer brand is necessary to attract the best and brightest candidates. Treat candidates well, and it will do wonders for your company's reputation in the labor market.

Maintain a Talent Pool

Because job seekers have so much leverage in today's labor market, employers are being forced to look everywhere for top talent. Talent pools give employers a chance to source passive applicants and target prospective candidates with recruitment campaigns, to attract top candidates who are curious about your business, but not yet ready to submit an application.

Curating a talent pool through social media and the web is one strategy many companies are leaning on these days. When you have active followers on social media, you can alert them to open positions and promote your brand as an employer. It's also essential to maintain a presence on job boards, career sites, and even in academia by connecting to local schools. It is also vital to make it as easy as possible for passive candidates to opt-in on your company newsletter or provide contact information in return for exclusive opportunities.

Work the Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program typically provides the most significant return on investment when it comes to hiring new employees. A referral program isn't just another source of potential applicants. It tends to have the highest quality-of-hire, cases of cultural fit, and positive outcomes. It also tends to have lower cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, as well as support lower employee turnover. Furthermore, referred workers are more likely to have high job satisfaction and be top performers.

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