Develop Your Employee by Making a Plan

Posted March 24, 2015

Successfully developing the abilities of your staff is important for organizations that value their employees – and their bottom line. It is vital to make your entire team feel welcome and productive on their first day of employment and beyond. Failure to properly develop your company's associates puts your operational efficiency at risk and is a waste of revenue when considering salaries and benefits.

With that in mind, here is a look at some strategies for developing a plan for getting the most out of both your new hires and your veteran team members.

Regularly Meet with Each Employee when Creating their Plan

You can't put together a development plan for each employee in a vacuum. Meet with them individually and go over their strengths and weaknesses as well as their desires for growth. Set tangible goals and verify their progress towards those goals throughout the business year.

It is important that your employees' have their own career goals and a path for achieving them. Discussing this in detail helps when creating development plans.

Align an Employee Development Plan with your Business Goals

Your organization's goals – hopefully expressed in its yearly plan – must align with any employee development plan you put together. Your workers need to buy into the company's goals, and seeing them reflected in their own personal goals helps to speed up their understanding. The better grasp your employees have of your business, the better for everyone – staff and management.

Put That Plan into Action

Any development plan needs to focus on the actionable instead of the theoretical. Set tangible goals that are achievable in the workplace, while putting together a reporting and metrics system to verify progress towards those goals. Finally, leverage meaningful incentives to reward your employees' continued development. A profit sharing plan works nicely in this regard.

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