Do This Before Breakfast To Have A Successful Day

Posted March 24, 2015

Living a healthy, balanced life plays a large role in growing and nurturing a successful career. Dealing with a stressful commute and stuffing down some awful fast food breakfast sandwich isn't a great way to start any day, let alone a workday. Spending some quality time in the morning before breakfast is perfect for getting ready so you perform at your best while at your workplace.

Developing -- and following -- a routine each morning helps to better organize your life as well as your career. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for each workday.

Early Morning Exercise is a Great Idea

Wake up a bit early so you'll have enough time to get in a workout before breakfast. If you have some exercise equipment at home, it makes things a bit easier. At a minimum, take a quick walk or jog around your neighborhood. It helps to get your blood flowing and your brain working early in the morning. While this might seem counterintuitive, expending energy in a workout will lead to more energy throughout the day.

A Meditation Session Helps to Deal With Stress Issues

Spending a quick 20 minutes or so in meditation every morning can assist with any anxiety in your life while also lowering your blood pressure. It also helps to clear your mind of any distractions that hamper your ability to think about the upcoming workday. The meditation provides a fresh start to the day so you are ready to hit the ground running and be productive from the start.

Plan the Day Before Beginning Your Commute

Make it a point to spend some time every morning planning for your day at the office. You can either keep things in your head, use a note-taking app for your smartphone or tablet, or even an old-fashioned piece of paper. Just making the effort to organize your thoughts and mentally prepare for any meetings or difficult tasks helps to ensure you perform more efficiently when on the clock at work. Planning is a task that most people don’t enjoy because it takes time. However, if 10 minutes of planning at the start of the day maps out the rest of your day, then you will be more productive and efficient by following that plan.

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