Does Your Sales Team Have a Position Statement?

Posted September 26, 2017

Many companies focus their marketing energies at the end of the sales process: Closing the sale. While this is a critical part of the process, it's even more important to begin the sequence off right, with a position statement.

A position statement should be a reference tool for any branding exercise at your organization. Normally, drafting the position statement starts with identifying a suitable market niche for your service or product, and establishing it in your industry.

A position statement is also a major part of any sales call, as it can ignite further conversation when done properly. Prior to drafting a position statement, you ought to completely understand who your potential clients are and the ways in which you can help them. By doing this, you can tactically tailor your statement to accommodate their needs.

Know Yourself and Your Customer

The first thing to consider when drafting a position statement is your customers. Get acquainted with the type of person you are going to contact. What business are they in and what is their role? Do they have regulatory guidelines you will have to help them comply with?

When you understand who they are as a potential buyer, you can put yourself in a stronger position to appeal to their business interests.

A position statement should be capable of explaining why your product or service is a good fit for your contact. Does your product or service have particular features that enhance productivity? Does your company provide 24/7 support?

When you share your competitive advantage with prospects, make sure it is unique to your business, so there is a clear distinction from their other choices.

Drafting the Statement

Your position statement shouldn't be about you or your company. It should center around your prospective clients, the kind of problems you can solve, and the kind of businesses you help. Addressing these questions can captivate your prospects. They want to learn more around your capability to address their pain points, not necessarily your company's history or accolades.

One approach to writing the statement involves using it as a foundation document, which can be customized for a particular client or evolved over time. Or, you could develop several versions to choose from based on the particular sales situation.

Finally, the statement needs to hit three key points: Differentiation, frame of reference, and credible reasoning. It’s important to differentiate your product or service by showing how customers benefit in ways that your competitors cannot provide. The position statement should also identify the particular market niche or category in which your business competes. The statement should also supply persuasive evidence and logic behind why prospects in your target market can have trust in your differentiation statements

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