Drive Clerical Employee Engagement

Posted May 21, 2013

“Employee Engagement” is a favorite industry buzzword right now. Regardless of the trend, the concept is extremely important. Not only should you keep employees interested in their jobs but they should also continue to feel engaged with the company. Employees want to see that they are valued. For example, you might have noticed some employees spending too much time on social media. For them, this quick break on Facebook may be more interesting than their current tasks. Time wasting websites can cost US employers an estimated $650 Billion per year. The solution is not to ban Internet use in the office but rather to determine how to reengage your team. Here are three tips to engage you clerical and administrative staff.

  1. Relationships with direct supervisors. The most important relationship in your office is the one between an employee and their direct supervisor. Employees who don’t get along with one another, or don’t feel comfortable communicating, can cause massive issues for office production. The generation gap may be a primary culprit. The difference in the way Generation Y and their Baby Boomer bosses think is vast. Even Generation X acts differently than the groups on either side of them. Gen Y is looking for a deeper relationship with their supervisors. They want a mentor who can help achieve more. Talk with your management team. Determine what is working and what can be improved. Additional management training may be a smart investment.
  2. Effective communication. Communication is a skill that should be sharpened regularly. If employees are confused by management’s expectations they can easily become disengaged. To change this dynamic, make sure that each project is effectively communicated with the team. Each employee should understand not only the process they need to perform but also the ultimate goal of the project, the deadline expectations, and the long term benefit to the company. Reward employees who excel at their projects. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and if your company has a culture of gratitude it will go a long way to enhance productivity.
  3. Core organizational values. All employees want to work with a company with convictions and who will stand up for their mission. According to several recent surveys, employees would work for less money if they felt their company was in touch with social values and sustainable practices. Matching cultural values should be assessed and determined in the first interview. An employee whose values match that of the organization will start on a good note and be committed to the company.

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