Employers Remember Job Candidates Who Did This at a Job Fair

Posted February 4, 2018

When you're stuffed into an auditorium competing with countless other people for a new job, standing out when you have just a handful of minutes of any given recruiter's attention, is a tall task - but it can be done.

In order to stand out from the rest of the job seekers, it's essential to show up prepared and put yourself in the mix. Consider the following tips to make your next job fair a success.

Know the Attendees

Prior to the event, get a listing of all the businesses scheduled to be there and pick out the ones you would like to talk with. By doing this, you'll have a plan of attack, waste less time wandering around and increase your odds of impressing your top choices.

While a job fair is an occasion to learn about various businesses, you ought to know a little on each one prior to showing up. Therefore, do some research on your priority employers and be ready to have a conversation unique to each one. Doing your research will allow you to ask more complete questions and get better information from each company.

Dress Professionally, Comfortably

Just like any interview, you should dress professionally for a job fair. However, you need to be comfortable as well. All that walking around and standing while you wait to talk to representatives can wear on you if you're wearing restrictive clothing - all of which can put on damper on the enthusiasm that it is so important to convey.

Wear an outfit that won't get too hot or too tight. Wear shoes you can walk and stand in the entire time, because you just might.

Be Bold

When you approach every table, try to be enthusiastic, confident and ready with your prepared material. Presenting yourself in the best light starts with a smile, eye contact and a quick, firm handshake. Often, the hiring manger will respond in kind and ask you some standard questions, which you ought to be ready to answer. You should also have an elevator pitch: a 30-second rundown of what you want the particular employer to know about you.

To truly use your time properly, you ought to be capable of concisely saying why you're curious about the particular business you're speaking with and how your abilities and experience suit the position.

That can be a lot of material to remember, and it's important to note that you don't have to get it out there all at once. People looking for work often speak swiftly, which comes across as hurried or nervous. Try to talk slowly and distinctly to make sure you are understood and come across as a confident professional.

Follow Up

Within two days of the job fair, send a thank-you note to each person you spoke to, whether you're interested in the business or not. If you think maybe the company would enjoy a handwritten note, deliver one, but also deliver emails to everybody. You'll want to personalize notes to each business, company or recruiter.

For the businesses you are interested in, follow the recruiter's instructions for applying to an open position. If you have to send in your resume online, do so within 24 hours of the event.

At Ambassador, we offer a calmer, less-competitive alternative to the job fair - direct placement into an open position. Please contact us today to find out how we can help advance your career as a full-service staffing firm.