Employers: What Is “Hidden” Talent, and Why Do You Want It?

Posted January 31, 2014

In today’s employment marketplace, with its troubling “talent gaps” and high unemployment, the numbers can be daunting. Companies spend about $120 billion per year on recruiting. 78 percent of HR leaders say their number one priority is finding top talent, but only 25 percent of hires are considered top performers. In other words, after all of that money and effort, you only have a one in four chance of getting the best.

Also consider that only about 18 percent of the full-time workforce is actively seeking a new job. Most companies, even those using social media and Web 2.0 techniques, are only reaching those active job seekers. Out of the remaining 82 percent, 22 percent plan to keep their jobs— leaving 60 percent of the workforce untapped.

So how can you go after that 60 percent?

Here are five strategies to help you come on strong and recruit more effectively in 2014:

  • Be bold. Look great. Attract positive candidate attention through the most prominent social media outlets: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your blog. Make sure that great employees can see that you offer a great place to work. Try to attract so many good candidates, it won’t matter if you make a hiring mistake.


  • Be first. There are always countless good sourcing ideas being developed, and early adopters have an edge. Sure, it’s hard to be first all the time for everything—but this is where partnering with a leading-edge staffing firm can help.


  • Be the best. Whatever you do, be better than the competition and stay ahead of the pack. Whether it’s using social media, tapping into networks to reach passive candidates or even writing compelling ads for job boards, allow your staffing partner to take these jobs off your hands. That’s what they do best, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best.


  • Be a great delegator. Knowing how to delegate plays a big part in success. Hire the best recruiters you can and offer them great training and great processes. This way, each recruiter has the same approach and a common set of best practices. Again, a staffing company with a measurable, proven approach to recruiting can take on this function for you.


  • Be interesting. Whether you’re focusing on active or passive candidates, you need to stand out with creative messages (postings, emails, tweets). Your hope is to go viral, meaning your jobs get forwarded to friends and connections, and attract the best talent.

The bottom line?

You can’t sit back and wait for great candidates to come to you. You need to approach passive candidates, using sophisticated techniques, and fully engage in the search. If you don’t have the time or resources do it yourself, call Team Ambassador. We’d be happy to put our expertise to work for you! If your are looking for local recruiting agencies, contact us today.