Five Choices to Avoid Making at Work

Posted July 25, 2016

Sometimes we find ourselves in an unfortunate situation at work, and these situations are usually the culmination of bad decisions and unforeseen events.

The good news is: You can steer clear of many bad situations by making good choices. What are good choices you might ask? Well, good choices are the ones that don't put you in harm’s way.

Good choices don't increase the chances you'll land in the manager's doghouse. Good choices don't get you into conflict with co-workers. Good choices don't set you up for a boatload of regret.

Creating a toxic atmosphere

It can be tempting to add your two cents to the office gossip, but when you do that, aren't you just reducing your own worth? You might think that participating in office gossip could help you bond with your co-workers, but gossiping isn't a sustainable way to get ahead in your career, or get ahead in a healthy work environment.

You should also avoid shifting blame onto your co-workers as this also creates a toxic atmosphere. Hopefully, you're working for an employer who prizes honesty and accountability over perfection. If you find that accepting responsibility turns you into the office scapegoat, start looking for another job.

Compromising your values

It's always good to be flexible at work and in your career, but you should not change who you are because you think it will be beneficial. Don't just follow orders if those orders make you uncomfortable. Don't buy into a company's vision if it doesn't sync with your own values. It's true that not compromising your values could result in some short-term pain, but more often than not, you’ll be glad you stuck to your guns.

Focusing only on a bigger paycheck

Let's be real: Money can solve a lot of problems.

However, it can't solve every problem. If your ideal work situation is to enjoy the flexibility of working from home, don't turn down the chance to do so if you think it might cost you advancement opportunities. Job satisfaction isn't something you can put a price on and many people spend their whole lives chasing a certain situation, not a certain size paycheck.

Not answering when opportunity knocks

It's scary to take a chance on something new or step outside your comfort zone. However, when you look back at some of the best moments in your life, you'll find they were caused by doing just that.

Apply for that perfect-sounding job. Put in for that promotion. Accept that job in a different town. Go back to school.

Bottom line - you don’t want the last part of your life to be filled with thoughts of “what if?”


Like a warm blanket on a cold night, it can be easy to settle into a comfortable routine. Unfortunately, settling for the status quo also often leads to regret.

Be active in trying to advance your career and never stop gaining new skills and experiences. Getting ahead in life takes work, and it's the work that makes getting ahead so rewarding.

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