Five Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

Posted February 18, 2018

Unfortunately for job seekers, companies regularly get a lot of applications for a single job posting, and that means hiring managers have to find ways to eliminate a lot of applicants.

Often, applicants are eliminated due to dumb, unforced errors, like typos in their resume. Sometimes, applicants are quickly eliminated because they didn't meet basic criteria, such as a lack of experience. Job seekers should be aware of the biggest red flags hiring managers are on the lookout for so they can be as efficient as possible in their search efforts.


This kind of mistake is the most obvious one to job seekers, but many people still include typos in their application materials.

Some suggest typos indicate an applicant isn't detail-oriented. However, this isn't necessarily true. When you're putting together resumes and cover letters, you spend hours revising them; tweaking each word and trying to provide the perfect impression. All that scrutiny can lead to fatigue and that's when typos sneak in.

Be sure to have a trusted friend look over your resume before establishing it as the final version.

You don't have enough experience

Many job seekers, especially those just starting out, will apply to jobs that ask for more experience than what they have. These job seekers will apply in the hopes their other qualifications will cause the hiring manager to overlook their lack of experience. However, a lack of experience often gets candidates eliminated from consideration.

If you're going to "reach" for a job you don’t quite have enough experience for, research both the job and the industry, then address your lack of experience in your cover letter by saying how you can compensate, possibly by citing valuable skills other applicants may not have.

You're unemployed

Unfortunately, employer surveys indicate there is a very real bias against job applicants who are unemployed, and in favor of applicants who are currently employed.

If you are currently unemployed, you need to make yourself look more attractive to potential employers by letting them know you aren't just sitting by the phone waiting for them to call; you're out there networking, gaining skills and otherwise being a valuable professional.

You didn't meet enough qualifications listed in the posting

A lot of employers will post a long wish list of qualifications for an open position, and it's perfectly reasonable to submit an application for a position despite not meeting every single criterion. To increase your chance of getting the job, explain how you plan to acquire or compensate for the skills you don't have.

You're just not the right fit

Sometimes, a hiring manager will have the perfect candidate in their head, and you just don't fit that image. Perhaps they wanted someone right out of college who is hungry to make a good impression. Or, perhaps they wanted someone with a lot of experience who can get up to speed right away.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do in these situations except forge ahead to the next job opportunity.

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