Forget Annual Reviews. Here’s Why Annual Safety Reviews Are Important

Posted September 5, 2017

Because any workplace can be hazardous, the best businesses stay vigilant when it comes to safety.

Many organizations hold annual safety reviews for their employees, in the same way they might conduct an annual performance review. This approach provides benefits for both employers and employees by reinforcing the company’s safety culture in an effort to reduce time lost, financial costs and the pain associated with serious injuries.

On-the-job injuries affect just about every company’s financial well-being, with around three million employees a year getting injured or sick on the job, according to the Department of Labor. A hazardous workplace can lead to decreased productivity, OSHA fines and more expensive workers' compensation insurance costs. Even worse, injured workers suffer all kinds of pain. In addition to any physical pain or permanent injuries, many on-the-job injuries lead to mental health effects and lost income.

Although holding annual safety reviews for employees can be time-consuming, it does offer significant benefits. Listed here are reasons why you ought to conduct such an individual audit of safety practices.

Raise awareness around safety issues

For legal reasons, businesses have to keep an eye on workplace injuries and illness, occasionally posting a safety rundown for staff members to access. Often, busy employees don't see or read this published safety information, which is posted for their benefit. Furthermore, details around workplace incidents can be deceiving or complicated. Through an annual safety review, a company helps to make sure that staff members see this valuable information and their company's compliance with safety regulations.

Eliminate misunderstandings

Often after an injury or on-the-job illness occurs, staff members impacted by the situation are asked to meet with safety specialists and get remedial safety training. However, this practice leaves out workers who haven’t been affected by illness or injury. A short quiz or review session during the yearly safety review can gauge your employees' degree of safety knowledge and help to clear up any misunderstandings.

Boost critical thinking around safety issues

At the yearly review, a company can show what led to good results or breakdowns in workplace safety. This can be an effective way to trigger a discussion about safety and challenge long-held views.

Many times, staff members feel pressure to maintain a high level of productivity while keeping injuries to a minimum, two responsibilities that can feel challenging to combine. While holding the safety review, offer employees suggestions on how they can do better, showing them how effort and practice can help them meet both safety and production goals. The key to sending this message is letting staff members see that falling short isn't a sign of inadequacy, but as a chance for improvement. An annual review is the time to push them to concentrate on safety during the coming year.

At Ambassador, safety is our top priority. If you're looking to partner with a staffing company that will collaborate with your organization in enforcing all safety regulations, please contact us today to work with a full-service staffing agency.