Forklift Operator Job Wages in the South

Posted June 20, 2014

Are you currently working as a forklift operator and wondering how your salary stacks up? Or thinking about pursuing this job and wondering how much you can expect to get paid?

According to, five of the ten most popular cities for forklift operators are in the South: Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee, and Fort Worth, Texas. While the average forklift operator salary varies depending on a number of factors, here are the pay ranges for these cities:

  • Atlanta: The median yearly salary for a forklift operator in Atlanta is $33,209. The range extends from $26,432 to $40,680.
  • Dallas: In Dallas, the median yearly salary and the pay ranges are about the same as in Atlanta, with the median at $33,117 and the range starting at $26,359 and topping out at $40,567.

In smaller Southern cities, you’ll see a slight decrease in salary ranges. For example:

  • Orlando: The median salary for a forklift operator in Orlando is $31,408. The low end of the salary range is at $24,998 while the high end is $38,473.
  • Memphis: Forklift operators in Memphis earn a median salary of $31,266, with the lower end starting at $24,886 and the highest salaries at about $38,300.
  • Fort Worth: In Forth Worth, forklift operators enjoy a median salary of $32,425. The low end of the range is $25,808 and the high end is $39,720.

How about the Carolinas? Both North and South Carolina offer comparable salaries for forklift operators when compared to other Southern states. For example, South Carolina’s biggest city and biggest MSA (metropolitan statistical area) stack up to Atlanta and Dallas as follows:

  • Columbia: The median salary a forklift operator can expect in this large city is $34,845. The salary range starts at $24, 550 and tops out at $37,784.
  • Greenville: In South Carolina’s largest MSA, the median salary is $31,866 while the range starts at $25,363 and rises to $39,034.
  • Charlotte: North Carolina’s largest city offers forklift operators a median salary of $32,857. Starting salaries are at $26,151, while top salaries are around $40,248.
  • Winston-Salem: Comparable to smaller cities in other Southern states, the median salary for a forklift operator here is $31,938. The range starts at $25,420 and rises to $39,123.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a forklift operator in the South, come and talk to Team Ambassador. We can help you find the position that serves your geographic and salary needs!