Give Thanks to Inspire Your Employees

Posted November 24, 2015

Of course your employees will always be open to hearing positive feedback, but simply saying "Good job!" isn't the most constructive way to make them feel appreciated.

If done properly, showing appreciation can add to workplace morale and be used to reinforce what an employee is doing right. Giving thanks is also much cheaper than handing out the usual bonuses and perks, which may lose their effectiveness as employees may come to expect them.

The Who, When, How and Why of Giving Compliments

Like Little League participation trophies, compliments can feel meaningless unless they’re tied to a specific performance. However, you may have people who are regularly top performers in your organization, making others feel left out if the plaudits are constantly being heaped on the same few individuals. Be sure to also recognize employees who support top performers with their day-in-day-out steady work.

You should always be looking for opportunities to compliment a good performance from one of your employees. This could be when a performance goal is reached or a project is completed. Or it could be an event outside the company you can use as an excuse to show appreciation, such as a major concert you could buy employees tickets to attend or a holiday to throw a party.

Also, consider how you hand out compliments in the workplace. Some people respond best to being complimented in public, while others appreciate a more discreet show of thanks. The audience who hears your praise should also be considered. A show of appreciation in front of an executive is often worth much more than giving thanks in front of the person's co-workers.

When giving out thanks and appreciation, be sure to connect the dots and show why a good performance benefits the entire team. This is particularly valuable when complimenting employees who play more of a supporting role.

Some Different Ways to Show Thanks

There's more to showing appreciation than just handing out concert tickets and other perks.

One of the most effective ways to show appreciation is to simply listen and care about what your employees have to say. When meeting with employees, eliminate any possible distractions, be present in the conversation and ask about what is going right and what is going wrong.

Giving employees added freedoms or trusting them with certain tasks is another way to show thanks. An exception to this would be giving added responsibility to an employee who is already tasked with a lot of responsibilities.

Try to make it a habit to walk into work each day looking to hand out compliments. Starting each day by handing out a few compliments can help break out the clouds of negativity that too easily form in any workplace.

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