How Does a Recruiter Help With a Job Search?

Posted May 9, 2017

For some companies, it's difficult to know when to conduct a hiring process in-house and when to turn to a recruiter.

The biggest advantage of using a recruiter is their specialization when it comes to the hiring process. Unlike human resources personnel, who must wear many hats, recruiters have a very particular set of skills, specialized resources and a deep knowledge of all the pain points associated with acquiring the best available talent.

The best hiring personnel have knowledge of their specialized markets. They know the readily available talent, where the most skilled professionals can be found and how to get in touch with them, the standard salary rates, career paths and skill sets.

Recruiters also understand the current hiring complexities and can help a company through some of the more awkward parts of the process, including the identification of top talent, attracting of passive candidates, formulating of an offer that will be accepted and speeding up of the hiring process.

A refined hiring process

A great deal of the energy spent on hiring top talent is directed at attracting applicants. Whether they are responding to an ad or applying through the careers section of your website, many of these applicants may not be good fits for the role, resulting in a lot of time wasted on filtering, evaluating and speaking to candidates who are ultimately eliminated from the process. This isn't just wasteful for the company; it is also frustrating and wasteful for applicants who must invest time and energy in a process that doesn't produce a result for them.

With a recruitment agency, a company only sees preselected applicants who match all the given criteria and are worthy of further vetting.

Passive candidates

If other companies are having a hard time locating top talent as well, a recruiter can suggest alternative sources of talent, including passive candidates.

Many of the most skilled professionals in any given field are not actively searching for a new job, but they are willing to listen to companies who might make them an attractive offer. An expert recruiter understands where these applicants are and how to get to them. Actually, recruiters might already be representing them, as many professionals will connect to an expert recruiting firm.

This familiarity with sourcing passive candidates can make landing them much easier for a company.

An offer that's hard to refuse

Once worthy applicants are identified, the company will recruit them for that job, showcasing opportunities and benefits of the job during the entire process and speaking to the candidate’s life and career goals.

Consequently, when an offer is tendered to the candidate, they will be more prone to agree to it.

Reduced time-to-hire

Not being able to fill an open position quickly is costly to any company. Costs are not only due to the position not being filled, but also because other employees must spend time and energy compensating for the empty position, further restricting productivity.

This is a difficult situation for a company that can be resolved faster through a recruiter.

At Ambassador Personnel, we make the talent acquisition process smooth and efficient for our clients. If your company is currently looking to add top talent to its ranks, please contact us today to work with a full-service staffing agency!