How Recruiters are Targeting You on Social Media

Posted April 7, 2013

Social media has become Professional Media. If you’re seeking employment, it’s imperative to make yourself visible to employers in as many ways as possible. If everyone is on Facebook and LinkedIn, it makes sense that job recruiters would also use these websites for hiring. And, it’s not just a few companies. According to an article on, Jobvite found that 92% of companies will use social media for recruiting. With a little attention to detail, your, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles can help you find and land your next position.

Are You Visible?

Recruiters will tailor their search for candidates the same way you would tailor your search for a job — through keywords. If you’re looking for a job in accounting, you would go to a website such as and search ‘accounting’, ‘fulltime’, and ‘benefits’ on the job board, to find the exact job that fits your needs. A recruiter will do the same thing in a search for the right employee. It benefits you to take the time and be thorough when listing the Skills and Expertise in your LinkedIn profile. Include keywords that would represent your skill set.

Are You Connected?

You’ve set up a profile on a social media site such as LinkedIn; now it is time to expand your online network. Search and connect with different professionals and groups that match your interests and experience.

Getting connected with companies online has become the best way to stay abreast of their job postings and community relations. When you find a company that you are interested in, use social media interaction as a tool to help build a relationship. If you are able to interact with the company on social media, by asking questions or responding to updates, you will become a part of their online community. By showing an interest in their company, you are already becoming more than a just another resume.

Are You the Right Fit?

Your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles are a window into your personality. Recruiters have the ability to look at your public profiles and take a short look into your life outside your resume.  Profanity, poor grammar and spelling mistakes will give the wrong first impression to a recruiter. Companies are interested in seeing what professional organizations you belong to and what memberships you hold. They want to see if you are active in your professional field. It’s just like an interview. If you’re looking for a job, make sure you’re presentable.

Overall, many candidates do not have complete social media profiles. Just be sure to present yourself in a positive light. Have an online personality that is genuine and professional. Just by searching in Google, recruiters and employers are able to see your public social media sites. Be sure to monitor the content you post, and present yourself to your potential employer, as if you were walking into their office. Have a personality, but be professional.  Contact the staffing experts at Ambassador Personnel today to help you polish your job search and land your next job!