How to Follow Up When Emails Go Unanswered

Posted April 6, 2015

The job search process is a stressful one. Consider the scenario; you applied for a position, got called in for an interview that you felt went well, and now you are waiting for that next piece of news from your prospective new employer. Are you going to get a second interview, or better yet – a job offer?

You've emailed the company a few times, but you are still waiting for a reply after a few days. What are the best strategies for following up at this point in the process without coming off as a pest? Let's take a closer look.

Wait at Least One Week Before Your First Follow-up Email

While sending a thank-you email within 24 hours after your interview is proper job-search etiquette, you need to wait at least one week before your first post-interview follow-up email to see where things reside within the company's hiring process. Additionally, consider avoiding sending any follow-ups on Monday, as most HR workers are probably trying to deal with catching up with e-mails sent over the weekend. Just be patient and wait one more day.

Always Maintain a Polite and Humble Disposition

No matter how frustrating it can be waiting to hear news about your interview, you need to always present a polite and humble tone in your follow-up emails. Nothing can ruin your chances at a job offer more than seeming impatient or, worse, arrogant in an email. Add some verbiage about how you understand they are busy, but you remain interested and curious about the current status of their efforts.

Maybe consider adding some additional helpful information, like a relevant article or piece of news that may interest that person? Once again, always present a friendly and helpful tone.

Send Your Email Follow-Ups Either Late at Night or Early in the Morning

Make it a point to send any email follow-ups either late at night or first thing in the morning. It is important to reach your contact soon after their workday begins, before they get busy dealing with their daily duties. In fact, sending an email with an early morning time stamp gives the impression that you are a morning person, able to accomplish your tasks early in the day.

Ultimately, if after a few weeks, if you are still waiting for a meaningful reply, consider asking if you should stop inquiring about the status of your interview. While, it seems a bit unprofessional for that firm not to inform you in a timely manner, sometimes it is better to simply move on to better opportunities.

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