Is Facebook Jobs the Next Place to Find a Job?

Posted October 22, 2017

If you have a Facebook account and therefore are actively career hunting, you could be wondering about using the Jobs section Facebook for your search.

It turns out, Facebook is the second most widely used social network for hiring personnel. A recent JobVite survey found 65 percent of employers use Facebook in their recruiting. Human resources professionals normally develop company career pages on Facebook to be able to have a place where they could respond to questions, talk about the company culture and share job opportunities.

These professionals also search Facebook for applicants with hard-to-find abilities and who may not be actively looking for jobs. Hiring personnel can hunt for profiles by education, location, interests, even by past employer.

If you're considering using this popular social network as a part of your job search strategy, consider the following tips.

Adjust your privacy settings

Facebook has a track record of shifting privacy setting standards. If you haven't checked out your settings in some time, it would be a good idea to do so now.

You can alter privacy settings by clicking on the lock symbol on the top right of your Facebook home screen. Read through all of your privacy options ensure you have selected the best choices for your scenario. So, if you don’t want your posts and profile to pop up in a search, be sure you pick that option.

If you are going to use Facebook in a job search, however, you probably want to be as public as possible. Interacting with a company on Facebook, but staying extremely private about who you are could raise a red flag for hiring personnel.

Make sure your profile is complete and clean

Because your profile is going to be viewed by potential employers, you need to present yourself professionally by using a good picture and your full proper name.

A good approach to strengthen your profile for a job search is to make sure your past work history and professional abilities are listed in your "About" section.

It also helps to see how your public profile appears when someone outside your network views it. To do this, log on to Facebook with your computer, not a mobile device, and click on the three dots after "View Activity Log" from your profile to go to the "public view" of your profile. Take note of the parts of your profile that need strengthening.

Also, you need to remove any content that might be unprofessional or controversial - including any political posts and photo tags of you drinking or smoking.

Be proactive

Once you have built a solid profile and tweaked all your privacy settings, it's time to actively seek out job openings and prospects.

In addition to searching for and applying to jobs on Facebook, try to connect with people who work in your industry, ideally folks who are just one connection away from you. Then, you can engage your Facebook network by posting content related to your field. If you are unemployed, go ahead and make your job search public. If you are currently employed, it’s probably best to be discreet about looking for a new job, lest word might get back to your current employer.

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