Is Your Website Giving Its Visitors the Information They Want?

Posted June 6, 2016

Your website might have all the details about your product or service you think your visitors need to know, but is it actually translating into your visitors taking action?

Survey results released last year by IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions found a significant disconnect between what appears on most websites for industrial companies, and what visitors to those sites are looking for.

The study found that 58 percent of engineers browsing these industrial sites didn't pick up the phone to make contact until they started comparing rates or had settled on a purchasing decision. This means more than half of engineers weren't inspired to reach out to a company on their first visit to a website.

If you're going to inspire people who visit your site to take action, you're going to have to speak directly to their needs and concerns.

Building trust with the right content

If you're going to inspire your visitors, you're going to need to do it with content that allows your audience to trust your company. This means heavily featuring insights and expertise. You should then connect this expertise directly to what visitors need.

Blogging is a proven tool for accomplishing these goals. Blog posts need to put expertise and insight directly in front of customers so they can see it when they are in the early research phase of the purchasing cycle.

Blog posts will be even more convincing if they are written by an industry insider. For instance, a survey from and TREW Marketing found that engineers are most likely to trust blog content if it is written by a fellow engineer. The same survey also found a high degree of trust for blogs written by an industry analyst.

Connecting trust to action

In order to increase the chances your visitors are going to take action, you need to do more than just maintain credible and informative blog. You also need content that inspires engagement and pushes visitors further along the purchasing cycle.

Marketing experts often suggest using interactive website content to push site visitors into action. Interactive content might be online tools like rate calculators, 3D interactive models, online order tracking, how-to videos or reference guides.

Going beyond your website

In addition to website content, companies also use webinars and e-newsletters to spur site visitors to action.

Webinars are a proven marketing tool and have been shown to be very popular. The IHS survey found two-thirds of professionals working in industrial fields attended at least one webinar or online event in 2014, and 30 percent attended four or more in that same year.

E-newsletters may sound like a blast from the past, but more companies are reporting success with them in recent years. The TREW Marketing survey found 89 percent of respondent engineers said they pay attention to the e-newsletters they subscribe to. Recently, e-newsletters have been hooking readers by providing exclusive content.

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