Is a Sales Career Right for You?

Posted November 5, 2017

A sales career can be extremely interesting and satisfying. However, sales is also a very competitive field, with little time to rest on your laurels: being muscled out by the competition is a reality that even experienced salespeople must regularly contend with.

For the majority of businesses producing goods or supplying services, a skilled and highly motivated sales staff is crucial.

Most companies look to motivate their salespeople by paying them based on job performance. In this system, the pressure to produce can be too much for some people causing fast turnovers and job uncertainty.

Consider the following factors if you are thinking about a career in sales.

Sales is not a cushy job

A flawed yet popular belief is that sales specialists spend more time on the golf course than in the office. While many sales professionals do spend time entertaining clients, that time is usually few and far between. Unfortunately, golfing or any kind of entertainment typically only comes after a lot of work and it is generally part of a sales cycle.

If you are thinking about a sales job, you must first realize you will be expected to work hard, long hours before you can take advantage of the perks. Your employer will demand hard work from you, and your clients will expect you to be dedicated to them, which means more hard work.

The job involves a lot of rejection

Many people have a hard time handling rejection, and for those in sales, rejection is a big portion of the job. The typical rep must make around 25 calls before reaching somebody that is even curious about the product or service they represent.

If you have a problem with being rejected, you will either have to get thicker skin or think about a different career.

You need an internal drive

Many sales jobs have a lot of autonomy. On one hand, that means a lot of freedom. On the other hand, it means how productive you are in a given day is largely up to you. Without a robust, inner drive, you might find yourself frittering away a lot of hours and that's not good for your paycheck.

Some companies have someone micromanage the sales team. Even in these situations, those who lack a strong inner drive will feel the most heat from a micromanager.

If you are not sure you have a sufficient strong inner drive, realize that getting regular sales will be a battle for you and success will be hard-to-find.

You need patience

Today's customers are informed and have more choices than ever. Often, it can take months for a sale to materialize, and therefore, sales professionals need a lot of patience as they guide potential customers toward a sale.

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