Job Growth in Ambassador Personnel Locations

Posted July 29, 2015

Recently, we featured the great news about Charlotte, N.C. ranking among the top 10 locations in the country for job growth. Ambassador Personnel features a number of jobs in the Charlotte metro area.

Now we are going to take a look at three other branch locations for Ambassador Personnel featuring encouraging news in the job growth area. This blog entry focuses on the Atlanta, Nashville, TN and Greenville, SC markets and how they are smart locations for job candidates to focus their job searches.

2015 is poised to be the best year for job growth in Atlanta since the 1996 Olympics, with 140,000 jobs potentially being added in the metro area. That growth isn't a one-year anomaly as 60,000 jobs came in 2013 and 100,000 jobs in 2014.

With job growth reaching its highest levels in more than a decade, a number of economic development projects are responsible for that growth. State Farm added a new campus in the Dunwoody area, producing up to 8,000 jobs while Daimler AG moved its Mercedes-Benz headquarters to the area, adding up to 1,000 jobs.

Major construction projects for the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons also created more jobs for the area, with the baseball stadium project creating up to 5,000 jobs, and the Falcons' project adding jobs as it gets underway.

The growth and amount of manufacturing jobs in the Greenville area backs up the population surge in the area. The county’s population growth outpaced projections from the U.S. census by two years.

When population growth comes faster than expected, the economy is the first area responsible. An improved economy results from job growth, and the Greenville area boasts growth in the manufacturing sector.

The state of South Carolina saw an 2.2 percent increase in manufacturing jobs last year, and Greenville County has the largest number of manufacturing jobs at more than 50,000 positions.

A number of studies show steady job growth for the Nashville area, starting with Nashville taking the top spot for job growth in 2012. That momentum continued in recent months as it’s the second-most popular city among young people who recently graduated from college.

Nashville boasts more than 300 healthcare companies and 30,000 jobs in the auto industry. Free publicity has come in the form of the “Nashville” television show, with a tourism spike leading to a 10 percent increase in visitors by 2016.

Other studies and data from the past few years also have been encouraging for the Nashville area. Forbes ranked the Nashville metro area No. 6 in the country for job growth, showing nearly 10 percent job growth from 2008 through 2013.

For larger cities, Nashville was one of the 10 fastest-growing cities among metropolitan areas with a population of one million or more. A report from CNN Money used U.S. Census Population data to highlight 1.8 percent growth in population.

Ambassador Personnel features a number of excellent job opportunities in those three locations along with other hot cities. As one of the nation's top general staffing agencies, we offer the great candidates to make a difference for your firm. Schedule some time with us today.