Job Search Habits—How to be Successful

Posted December 20, 2013

Like the tagline for a career advice website says, every job is temporary. Most of us will find ourselves on the job hunt at least a few times during our working years. Here are seven tips for making your next search successful!

1.  Always be looking, even when you aren’t really looking. That may sound contradictory, but what it means is: never stop paying attention to your career path and your industry. Even if you have a great job, you should always keep a finger on the pulse and an eye on potential career opportunities. You never know what could happen—companies close, people get laid off—so it’s a good idea to have a backup plan at all times.

2.  Be awesome at your current job. If you’re exceptional, you’ll get noticed by people outside the company—customers, clients and even the competition. Word of mouth always helps, too!

3.  Pay attention to your friends and acquaintances. Do you know what the other people in your Zumba class or the other parents in your daughter’s archery class do for a living? Where do they work? Take interest in them, and they may become important to your network someday.

4.  Make the effort to stay connected with former colleagues. You don’t want to be one of those people who emails someone you haven’t spoken to for 7 years and asks her to do you a favor to help you land a job. Take good care with your professional network by calling, emailing or messaging old colleagues once in awhile.

5.  At least have a base resume ready to go at all times. Better yet, keep your resume updated and ready to send. What if you heard about an opening at your dream company but had to apply today? Always have a version ready that you can quickly tweak and submit.

6.  If you really need a job, make it your job to get one. Don’t lie around for most of the day, send a few halfhearted emails and wonder why nobody has offered you a job. Get up and get dressed in the morning, and schedule time to search out new job postings, maintain your network and work on your resume and cover letter.

7.  If you’ve been on the job search for awhile, are doing all of the right things, but still haven’t found the right position, give Team Ambassador a call! Our 32 branches are located throughout the Southeastern US, but we can and do work with companies all over the country. And your success is our success.

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