Land Your Next Permanent Job Through Temp-to-Hire

Posted April 5, 2016

When buying a house, it's always better to take a tour first, and the same logic can also apply to accepting a full-time job. Though a temp-to-hire situation, workers can get to learn a job, a company and even an entire industry without a permanent commitment.

A temp-to-hire arrangement involves a client company bringing in a worker through a staffing agency and then making a hiring decision after the employee has worked in the position over a period of time.

During the "temp" period, a host company has the capacity to assess job performance and make a more knowledgeable hiring decision. The worker's income and any benefits are paid for by the staffing firm.

While this arrangement might sound like it favors the employer by putting the employee in the hot seat, a temp-to-hire arrangement actually offers many benefits to workers.

Partnering with a staffing firm

Accepting a temp-to-hire position essentially means a worker is partnering with two different companies: The hosting employer and the staffing agency.

This means that even if the host company can't find a way to offer a job to a temp-to-hire employee full-time employment, a good performance will inspire the staffing firm to turn the employee around as quickly as possible to find them another job.

Gaining valuable experience

A temp-to-hire position is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in a particular field and in a professional working environment.

For recent graduates and people looking to switch careers, a temp-to-hire position is easier to land than a full-time job. Although the less-permanent position affords less job security, it does provide valuable experience that can later be listed on a resume.

A temp-to-hire position is also a great way for someone to see if a job or field is one they are interested in pursuing. Often, a person will get a temp-to-hire job in a field that interested them, only to find out that a job in a different department at the same company is a better fit for their skill set.

Furthermore, a temp-to-hire job gives someone a chance to show they can excel in a professional setting. Having a track record of showing up to work on time and doing a good job is a valuable background for many employers.

Mental and financial benefits

At its most basic, a temp-to-hire job is also a chance to earn a paycheck while feeling good about your prospects.

A temp-to-hire position is considered a "temp job," but often that means a 40-hour work week and a decent paycheck. That flow of income means the ability to pay bills, buy essentials and increased financial independence.

A temp-to-hire job can also give a psychological boost through getting rewarded for hard work. It always feels good to get a paycheck knowing that you earned it, and a temp-to-hire job offers that mental boost.

At Ambassador, we have a wide range of temp-to-hire positions available in a number of industries. Contact one of the leading employment firms in the South today, and we can discuss the numerous opportunities we have to help you take the next step in your career.