Learn These Sales Skills to Become a Better Recruiter

Posted May 29, 2015 - Revised June 2, 2015

Recruiting top-notch employees involves many tried and true sales techniques. In fact, relatively few differences remain between a recruiter and any sales position. Because of this, many of the skills that make sales professionals thrive also benefit recruiters, no matter their industry of focus.

Here are a few time-honored sales skills that also remain relevant for any recruiter looking to get better at their job. Let's take a look.

Building Relationships Is a Must

It is important to build long-lasting relationships with your client base – both your candidates and the companies looking to hire them. Since you are essentially their "middle person" so to speak, everyone you work with needs to consider you as a valued and trusted partner.

Make it a point to understand how a candidate ticks, so you are able to place them with a company that makes a great cultural fit. The same applies to the companies with which you work. Know their culture, future plans for growth, and ultimately – what they look for in an employee. Cultivating meaningful relationships with your clients puts you on a path to becoming a top-notch recruiter.

A Hunter's Eye for Eager Candidates and Needy Companies

Like any great sales professional, a recruiter needs a hunter's eye, able to search out candidates eager to supercharge their careers, as well as the companies who need to increase their staffing levels or maybe even fill a skills gap at their firms. Once again, this ties in to the previous skill, since if you enjoy developing strong relationships with your client base, you'll be able use your keen understanding to make a perfect fit between client and candidate.

Make Sure to Follow Up with Your Clients

The best recruiters make it a point to follow up with their contacts when engaged in the process of placing a professional. Many candidates become frustrated if they don't hear back from their recruiter after interviewing with a company they are interested in working for. It only takes a few minutes to make a quick phone call or send an email, so doing your "follow-ups" needs to be part of your daily routine.

Foster a Friendly and Positive Disposition

As a recruiter, you need to always present a friendly, positive manner in your dealings with your clients – current and new. Nobody wants to work with someone who's sarcastic and dour. The top salespeople know how to maintain a happy, yet serious disposition, and this is a skill needed by recruiters as well.

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