Learning Can Be Fun - Here's How

Posted January 24, 2018

Standard in many companies, employee training does not always spell fun and excitement for staff members.

For management, it's critical to consider ways to erase the unsavory feelings linked with on-the-job learning and actually turn training into a good time. Many companies are doing this by changing what they do in the run-up to a formal training session and what happens after the training concludes. Employers who take this more holistic approach to learning have been finding employees appreciate the approach more than the standard session-only approach which leads to a higher return on investment.

Below are a few ways companies are expanding their approach to instruction by actually making learning fun.

Customize the Format

Progressive-minded organizations are taking a look at what must be learned, concentrating on those concepts and then using a format that is best suited to help employees learn the target material. For instance, employees comfortable working with computers might prefer to learn technical material through PowerPoint and interactive presentations.

Training formats might include video instruction, online simulators, game show-like contests, print materials and conventional in-person training. The crucial thing here is to not approach training with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Acknowledge Demands on Employees

If learning sessions are going to put employees behind schedule, they're going to be less engaged and focused on the material being taught. If possible, provide employees with an on-demand system that allows them to access material when there is a production slow down or they get ahead of schedule. If the material is complicated, break down modules into small, bite-sized pieces to avoid mental overload, which can reduce training efficiency and overall job satisfaction.

Incorporate Interactivity

Linking instruction with interactivity supports learning in a highly effective way. For instance, if you teach a skill, give the worker an opportunity to use it during the training in an engaging way.

Turning learning into a game, or "gamification," has become quite popular recently. From creating interfaces that are more enjoyable and interactive, to making online games, corporate development professionals are adding more fun into their training. By building interactive activities, trainees are more focused on the material.

Ensure Management Is On Board

Manager feedback and support has a big influence on how much staff members care about training. When supervisors actively encourage training and reinforce what is taught, worker engagement and training success both increase. If supervisors are not actively involved in promoting the training, it will be less effective, regardless of how well it’s constructed and what interesting technology they use.

Businesses can easily have educational programs that are both useful and popular with workers. Employers simply need to include tailored formats and make certain staff members feel the training is effective, hassle-free and a solid use of their time.

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