Looking for a Light Industrial Job? Here Are The Skills That Will Attract Employers

Posted December 29, 2014

It doesn't matter if your previous experience has been in manufacturing, distribution, or logistics. There are transferable skills that employees like to see on your application or resume. While they will often test you on specific abilities such as forklift, detail assembly, order filling or inspection, they also want to see that you have:

  1. Math and Reasoning Skills: When you're working in a warehouse, for example, you'll need to be able to perform cycle counts and product counts and calculate shipping and receiving. And say a container has a maximum weight of 45 pounds and each product weighs 6 pounds. You’ll use both types of skills to determine the correct number of containers to ship.
  2. Computer Skills: Most light industrial job will include a range of responsibilities, including using computer programs and certain hardware. Many require at least basic knowledge of MS Word and email programs. If you have intermediate level computer skills, or if you know specialized programs such as CAD or SAP, make sure potential employers know this up front. Even if you don't have the specific computer skill they're seeking, the fact that you're comfortable with computers is always a plus.
  3. Professional workplace attitude: When there are actual standardized tests designed to assess this ability, you know it's important in a light industrial environment. Not only do you need to be able to work well with others, but you need to be reliable, with good attention to detail and pride in your work. And because there are so many safety hazards in warehouse settings, such as heavy machinery, sharp tools and dangerous chemicals, employers need to see that you have strong awareness and respect for safety rules and regulations
  4. Good communication and organizational skills: Communication is essential when working in light industry, because it helps to keep you and other workers safe as well as improving the flow of work responsibilities.

If you're looking for light industrial work in the Southeast, be sure to visit the Ambassador website, or call one of our team members. We work with some of the South's biggest and best light industrial employers.