Manufacturing Demographics – The Breakdown

Posted June 14, 2013

Each year the National Association for Manufacturing conducts a study to record the latest statistics and demographics of the industry. Within these facts and figures is information about how the manufacturing industry is improving throughout the United States and how industrial employees can begin to see changes in the job market. Looking at the breakdown of these demographics we can see some interesting patterns.

  • Manufacturing added trillions of dollars to the economy. In 2012, the US manufacturing industry rose to $1.87 trillion from just $1.73 trillion the year before. Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect than any other industry as each dollar spent adds $1.48 back into the economy.
  • 9% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing. 17.2 million jobs in the US are involved in the manufacturing process. The bureau of labor statistics reports that manufacturing employs nearly 12 million Americans. There are jobs available but managers are most concerned about the skills gap when hiring new candidates so be prepared if you’re on the market.
  • Salaries have gone down over the last two years. Even with the growth of the economy since 2011, the pay for manufacturing positions has still declined. The average salary for in 2011 was over $77,000 per year, a number that includes the benefits. In 2012 the average salary was reported at $60,000 annually. Although lower, managers are seeing an increase in salaries moving forward.
  • Highest productivity in the world. In spite of our seemingly low wages, in truth the US is leading the world in manufacturing productivity and higher standard of living and wages. If manufacturing were evaluated as the only industry in the United States it would be the 10th largest economy in the world.
  • Biggest private sector research and development in the country. Manufacturing drives much of the innovation in America and it is responsible for a third of our nations research and development processes. New technologies are being designed and produced by the US manufacturing industry daily.

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