National Service, Locally Owned: A Personal Touch Means Better Results for Companies

Posted January 21, 2019

The increase of the temporary workforce is a human resources trend that's here to stay, according to labor market experts.

Temporary employees currently make up around 19 percent of all new jobs in the U.S., and staffing companies collectively employ an average of 3 million employees each day. For businesses, the result is a high degree of workforce flexibility and access to a massive pool of talent across many fields, including accounting, administrative, finance, healthcare, IT, management, quality control, sales and distribution.

Staffing companies can play a crucial role in any company's workforce planning, with numerous benefits for HR when both the staffing company and the client engage in a common strategy.

At Ambassador Personnel, we are devoted to giving every single client, and every single candidate search, the same degree of consideration and diligence. If your company needs one person or a hundred, you will get personalized service and high quality work from Ambassador. Our staff is willing to roll up our sleeves and find hard-to-reach talent that meets the needs of our clients. We also offer fast responses to questions, customized service, speedy resolution to issues and integrity in what we do.

Delivering results

At Ambassador, our mission is to establish high-quality relationships that facilitate the recognition, development and application of HR solutions to improve our clients' operations, raise efficiencies and cut overall costs.

When working with us, you can expect the same advantages as a national organization with respect to staffing, HR solutions, payroll, executive search and safety training. And yet, Ambassador is a privately owned business. This makes us capable of doing business with a personal touch.

We have fewer cumbersome layers of bureaucracy and a shorter corporate chain of command. We maintain a hands-on approach in each of our markets, where the staff at our regional branches understand the needs of every client, while developing personal relationships with job seekers. This granular knowledge allows us to provide our clients with outstanding service.

Attention to detail

We are committed to providing our clients with the best methods, applicants and experience in the market, saving them time and money.

While it might be more time-consuming than mass cattle calls, we invite job seekers to sit and talk one-on-one with our staff. We also locate top talent through our massive referral network. We've discovered that if you treat people properly, they're more than happy to refer skilled professionals. By maintaining robust, supportive relationships, we regularly see an influx of qualified applicants. If we aren't already connected to an ideal person for an open position, we use distinctive search methods that have been proven to quickly and effectively meet our clients' needs.

Finally, we sustain high levels of worker retention because we offer desirable benefits to our workers. The result is a relationship based on mutual respect and dedication.

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