Overlooked Characteristics of an HR Pro

Posted May 8, 2013

What makes the best Human Resource professionals stand out in their jobs? HR is a field that encompasses many different duties which every expert will need to handle effectively and efficiently to be listed among the best. So what are the characteristics that can put an HR professional on the top of their game? Below are several personality traits and skills to look at when developing yourself or your HR team.

  1. Be tactful. HR professionals often need to deliver less than desirable news to their employees. When this happens, it is important to be tactful and to understand the wide range of potential reactions. The development of these communications skills is important for success. Look for professionals who interact well with employees at all levels and in all situations.
  2. Business acumen. An HR manager’s business is human capital. Managing a team and the functions surrounding an employee’s experience is key to performing well. Every decision that the HR department makes affects the business as a whole, so it is important to understand each aspect of your company and how HR fits in. An HR specialist who appreciates the entire scope of your business is going to be in a good position to lead the team.
  3. Adaptable. Change can be overwhelming to some employees but progress can’t happen without it. HR is often at the frontline of development when new laws, policies, and procedures are enacted that affect their day-to-day jobs. A successful human resource professional will be able to think on their feet and adapt easily to change. They will also help encourage the entire staff to recognize the changes and improve their performance as a result.
  4. A solid sense of humor. A good human resources professional will have the capacity to laugh not only at themselves but also at the occasional absurd situation. Working with people is extremely unpredictable and occasionally unexpected situations will happen. Having a sense of humor in these instances can help an HR manager look at it with a new perspective. Also, being able to connect with the employees in a light hearted way will help with communication skills and the ability to tactfully share news.
  5. Passion. A great human resources manager loves what they do. They truly enjoy going to work each day, solving problems, and making a difference in the lives of their employees. Not only should a successful HR professional be passionate about their specific job functions but they should also have enthusiasm for their company and be able to share this eagerness with the team.

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