Phone Interview Tips to Land A Second Interview

Posted January 11, 2020

Many companies hiring for an open position will call candidates who have sent in promising application materials.

Usually, a phone interview is a precursor to an in-person interview that is performed before more time, and resources are invested in an applicant. The phone interview is intended to find out if a candidate meets crucial job requirements and would probably be a solid fit for the position. If a business has many prospects for a single job opening, phone interviews help to thin out the applicant pool.

Below are a few tips for cruising through the phone interview and moving on to the in-person interview.

Be Organized

If you're applying to multiple job openings at once, it can be challenging to remember all the specifics for each one. From smartphone apps to good old-fashioned pen and paper, there are several ways you can keep organized and be ready for that phone call out of the blue.

Being organized in your job search means tracking all your open applications. You should keep track of which companies you have applications with and the details of each job posting.

Be Ready for the Basics

When a hiring manager calls a candidate for a phone interview, they aren’t expecting the same level of preparation as they would for an in-person interview. A bit of preparation for the questions you should expect is all you need.

You should be able to mention a few highlights from your career, particularly those strongly related to the position you're seeking. When looking for a new job, many people try to prepare an elevator pitch, which is a quick 20- or 30-second speech on your most impressive achievements and professional experiences.

You should also be able to talk about why you are interested in the open position. The important thing is to discuss how the job would help you achieve an important career goal or something you find very attractive about the business. Let the interviewer know that this job opening is one you didn’t want to miss. The more detailed and genuine your answer sounds, the better it is.

You should be able to talk about your current job if you’re employed, or your last job if you're unemployed. Be sure to mention the aspects of the role that are most relevant to the position you are seeking.

Have a Couple Questions Ready

A great way to show you're genuinely interested in the job opportunity is to have a couple of good questions for your phone interviewer. Review the job description and write down anything you want more detail on. Also, try to ask a question about what the working environment is like. It’s hard to get a sense of a place just based on a job description, and someone who works there can be a great resource in this respect.

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