Put Yourself in Line for a Promotion

Posted April 28, 2015

After working at your current job for a few years, you’ve settled into your position and feel great about the job environment. Fellow employees look at you as a resource and a number of people value your contribution to the company.

In order to walk into that meeting with your manager and present a compelling case on why you deserve a promotion, and more importantly why the company should give you a promotion, you need to prove your value. During your career, there are a number of ways to develop as an employee and help your company. Here are some ideas to consider exploring.

Serve as a Mentor to Your Fellow Employees

Management loves employees who make the rest of the team perform better. Make a difference at your company by being helpful and mentoring your fellow co-workers. Spend extra effort ensuring you fully understand the procedures and software applications used at your office, so you are able to share your knowledge with others. When people have questions then you are looked at as a resource.

Learn How to Promote Yourself

Effective use of self-promotion at your workplace helps you get noticed. This is an attribute highly compatible with displaying self-confidence in the work you perform. On the other hand, it's important not to be too boastful or arrogant since few co-workers or superiors find those attributes attractive. Going out of your way to promote yourself in front of others can create some workplace tension. There is a time and place to show the positive impact you’ve made. Often, those times are in one-on-one situations.

If you don’t feel comfortable boasting about yourself, then just keep working hard. It might not seem like it, but managers will notice.

Add New Skills to Your Toolbox

Learning new skills helps you mentor your co-workers as mentioned earlier, but it also allows you to contribute to the improved operational efficiency of your company. Technology is changing rapidly and being able to show that you are willing to adapt to the changes will show your value.

Taking it a step further, the company might pay for your personal development. Sending you to conferences or classes will allow you to bring back knowledge to the office. Then you can teach others about the changes. All of these things prove your value, and also help with your career development.

Grow Your Professional Network

A robust professional network – especially within your own office if you work for a larger company – publicizes your worth to the higher-ups at your firm. When a promotion becomes available, your name might be on the short list. Growing your network outside of your company offers similar benefits if a new opportunity with additional responsibility is available at another firm.

If you work at a smaller company, your chances for promotion may be limited, so networking with others in your field through LinkedIn or other local events remains a vital part of any successful career. While you may want to stay at one company, you always have to look out for yourself and what’s best for your personal situation.

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