The Phone Is Still the Most Important Piece in a Business

Posted June 26, 2015

Even considering the 21st Century advancements in office technology, the venerable phone remains the most important piece of business equipment for many companies. Sure, email is also vital and text messaging continues to grow in relevance, but the fine art of a phone conversation will probably never go away in the business world. The extra personal touch provided over the phone plays a large role in the success of many organizations.

Considering the importance of person-to-person phone conversations in business, here are a couple tips for improving this time-honored practice at your company.

When Making Cold Calls, Emphasize Your Company's Brand

Cold sales calls remain a big part of many companies' daily routine. They are vital for growing a business's market share and overall profitability. Developing a script for use by your employees making these kinds of sales calls – and for those charged with answering inbound calls – helps to keep everyone on the same page.

The script used by those making these calls must emphasize the branding of your company up front during their introduction. The same rule also applies for inbound calls, with an added "How may I help you today?" greeting to make the customer or client feel welcome. Make sure anyone involved with phone calls also mentions your company name at the end of the call, while thanking them for their time.

Name recognition is obviously important in any industry, and the phone remains a primary method of contact between your staff and the outside world. Leverage the use of a phone script to ensure the name of your company stays on the forefront of the minds of your customers – current and future.

Maintain a Professional, Friendly Tone During a Business Phone Call

The days of using Skype or some other form of video chat app for business phone calls are not here ... yet. Maintaining a friendly, but professional, tone while talking to customers on the phone offers a great chance to convey the fact you appreciate their business when the other party can't see your facial expressions or hand gestures. Go out of your way to make the customer feel comfortable and needed whether you are calling them for sales purposes or they are making a support call to your organization.

Detail the need to present a welcoming tone to customers on the phone script described in the previous section. If your company records phone calls for training purposes, reviewing earlier calls is a great way to ensure the script is being followed, and the proper tone gets conveyed.

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