Think of This Word During Your Job Search

Posted May 1, 2017

There are a lot of words the typical job seeker has on their mind, but there's one word that should be prioritized above all others - consideration.

Despite how qualified you happen to be for a position, a potential employer is going to look at your character, mindset and presentation during the interview. If you don’t come across as a considerate person, they may not offer you the position.

If you want to make an impression on a potential employer during your next interview, you have to be considerate. Here are some strategies you should keep in mind.

Do your research

Considerate job seekers want to know about a company and the person who will interview them. By looking up the interviewer and the company, you'll be able to show you've done your research, which will make a good impression.

Start your study by going through the company's website, looking into their LinkedIn page and doing additional checking on Google and social media. As soon as you find out the name of the person meeting with you, review their online information for details such as where they went to school or organizations they’re associated with. Ideally, you will discover you have something in common with your interviewer.

A word of warning - you don't want to get too personal in your research as this can quickly become offensive. For instance, an interviewer doesn't want to hear about how you looked up photos of her new car or videos of her vacation.

Be approachable and friendly

When you show up for your interview, give the impression you are a person that people would enjoy working with.

Be friendly and polite to the receptionist. Make an effort to engage them in small talk. Hiring managers often talk to the receptionist after your interview, so being personable starts here.

When you meet your interviewer, greet them with a firm handshake, a smile and eye contact. A tasteful compliment about the interviewer's office or a short prepared anecdote can help break the ice and further your objective of making a good impression.

Show you are helpful

Considerate job applicants are also helpful people. They want to show the hiring manager they care about contributing to the company, even before they are offered a job to work there. To show your helpfulness, talk about an experience or achievement where you had to help someone else, performed volunteer work or supported a non-political cause. Ideally, these anecdotes will show the interviewer you’re a considerate person.

Don't be pushy

Considerate job seekers don't come across as pushy or desperate. Avoid blatant self-promotion, trying too hard to be something you're not and following up too soon after the interview.

Just be calm, confident and yourself. After all, this is what hiring managers want.

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