Ways to build Team Chemistry at Your Company

Posted February 13, 2015

Teamwork is a prime factor separating the top companies from those who merely exist in their chosen business sector. Developing chemistry within your office staff is something that allows your company to accomplish more than it would as a collection of individual workers. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for building team chemistry at your organization.

Emphasize the social interaction within your team

Once you've created a team at your office, encourage social interactivity between team members both in and outside of the office. Bring lunch into the office to get everyone breaking bread together, and go to happy hour together after work to further enhance the growing bond. This all helps to develop the relationships that enhance both the quality of work and the overall efficiency of the team.

Hold a larger-scale company retreat

Company retreats are another good option for serious team building. Create a mixture of activities including fun outdoors happenings in addition to meetings and other work-related exercises. This helps to enhance the chemistry developed from simply encouraging social activity within the office.

Mix genders and experience levels

When first creating teams from your staff, make it a point to leverage a mix between genders and experience levels. Pairing up new hires with experienced workers is a time-honored technique to get those fresh employees up-to-speed quickly, while also building a measure of chemistry. Mixing genders on the team helps provide a variety of insights and opinions on project work.

Hire new workers that embrace the team concept

As your team continues to grow and mature, any new employees hired by your firm need to fully embrace the concept of working together as a team. It is important that your HR staff find the right candidates with a proven history of teamwork and collaboration. Any potential hires straight from school are able to be molded to fit what your organization needs moving forward.

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