What Are Realistic Job Expectations for College Grads?

Posted June 12, 2015

Your company needs additional manpower and a new supply of college graduates has entered the job market recently. Being fresh out of school with their prospective degrees, these potential employees can bring a unique perspective and skill set to your company.

So what should your company's expectations be when hiring college graduates and what these new employees may bring to your workforce?  Let's take a closer look.


It’s not just because of their young age, but college graduates are naturally going to be excited about their first job opportunity. Yes, they may have held previous jobs but more than likely this is their first “adult” job. That energy will also carry over to the rest of your staff. Anything that can invigorate other employees is great for any company!

Great Attitude

New college graduates want to impress their first boss. They want to make a positive first impression amongst co-workers in their office. Why? Because people want to naturally be liked and in your first job, no one wants to walk in and be the employee no one wants to talk to, work with or go to lunch with. A positive outlook from the graduate will help other employees who may be a little worn down after an extended amount time in the workplace. Another attitude that is good for any company is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the work or project completed.  New graduates can be more flexible which a good trait to have.

Project Management

College graduates experienced an educational system that focused on a lot of group projects. In order to be successful, they had to learn how to work with others. Teamwork was imperative for students to be successful as independent projects have become less frequent.

They may have to learn the balance of being the lead of a project and the new person in the room, but their collaboration skills should be very good and an asset to their new employer.

Fresh Skill Set

Newly graduated employees should be well-versed in their knowledge of the latest technology, software, hardware, etc. Most graduates have had courses where they had to learn and use the newest and latest technology.  While other employees may possess the same desire to be an early adopter in technology, having a new graduate will be extremely helpful in using their knowledgeable to advance the company’s workforce with the latest tech products.

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