What Do You Need to Give Your New Employees on Their First Day?

Posted February 6, 2017

The first day at any new job can be a little overwhelming.

In addition to navigating a new company, satisfying expectations, trying to make good first impressions and learning new names, you have to start to learn the nuts and bolts of actually doing your new job.

Initial impressions are critical. New hires are very aware of just how essential it is to make a solid first impression early on. However, it's also crucial businesses make a good impression with their newest team members.

Hopefully, the new worker is wowed at the interview. Now, it's time for this company to return the favor and impress them with a perfect first day of work.

Have the paperwork sorted out

Fun for almost nobody involved, paperwork unfortunately is an essential part the onboarding process. To help new hires be productive as quickly as possible, every effort should be made to get it handled right away. Develop a quick and efficient process to keep new workers from spending all morning of their first day completing forms.

One effective solution is going paperless. This is not only a quick and efficient way of doing things, it also supports the environment by reducing paper usage. This might be done by offering electronic forms workers could complete on a company computer. Forms like W-4, I-9 or 1099 could even be emailed out ahead of time, to be brought in filled out on the first day.

Provide an in-depth tour

On the first day, new hires must be given an extensive tour of company facilities and introduced to co-workers. In particular, new hires should be shown places and introduced to folks that are vital to their early success. Furthermore, a tour helps the new worker feel more at ease with their new surroundings and get a grasp of company culture.

Provide a mentor

Many new hires may be puzzled by the details of their job or the best way to get started. You know they will have questions in their first days or weeks at work. Determining a particular mentor (as opposed to leaving it up to chance) can make them feel more at ease and confident. Rather than a massive corporation full of people they don't know, they have one individual designated to help them. Furthermore, it can give an up-and-coming manager an opportunity to stretch their legs.

Get feedback

Asking new hires for feedback lets them know their opinions are already valuable to your organization. Furthermore, new hires are in a unique position to be very honest with you. They can provide valuable feedback on everything from your onboarding process to your standard operations. Reviewing feedback can also give you information on the perspective of each new hire, and what they need to succeed.

At Ambassador Personnel, we help our client companies onboard the employees we provide in order to maximize the chances of success for everyone involved. If your company is currently in need of a talent acquisition solution, please contact us today to work with a full-service staffing agency.