What Technology Is Helping Recruiters in the Hiring Process?

Posted December 15, 2015

Think of technology in the recruiting process and you might think of job boards and LinkedIn, but there are actually a lot of other ways companies can use technology to boost the quality of applicants coming in, and refine the hiring process.

The best recruitment technologies aim to do away with the same old process of sifting through stacks of applications and resumes. Some technology can be used to target a recruitment process in the most efficient way possible. Other tech solutions focus on making the company look as appealing as possible, garnering attention from top job candidates in the process.

Create recruitment content

If your company is looking to recruit discerning individuals, simply maintaining a run-of-the-mill blog or social media profile isn't going to be enough. Many companies are appealing to customers and job candidates alike by investing or participating in quality video and audio content. For example, a manufacturer might produce a video series showing the various interesting parts of its production process, or a restaurant might engage in a local food podcast.

Using multimedia technology, companies can separate themselves from the pack and attract applicants with less effort.

Develop a locally minded global brand

When creating content, many companies need to keep an eye toward having a global appeal. The job market is quickly becoming an international one and this means your next big recruit could come from across the globe. If your company has positions that can be performed remotely, you absolutely must leverage the global reach of technology.

Place targeted ads

Technology can also be used in the recruitment process to specifically target desired pools of candidates. Instead of using an old-school "spray and pray" approach, ad targeting can be used to specifically target people who are searching for (or posting about) certain topics relevant to your industry.

Part of this effective targeting is the use of data when it comes to figuring out where candidates are, either physically or in cyberspace. Data also can show hiring managers just how must competition they’re up against in specific regions or what job candidates expect in a salary range. Using this information, a company can retool its recruitment efforts, placing ads and making offers to candidates in a smarter way than without technology.

Leveraging automation

Managing the constant inflowing swarm of resumes and cover letters is challenging for any business, and many of them are turning to automation to eliminate some of the tedium of the recruitment process.

Automated recruiting tools can quickly eliminate individuals from a pool of candidates based on a few given parameters. For example, individuals without a certain degree or who don't include a particular keyword can be quickly filtered out. Of course, automation is currently still just a tool and companies must still rely on human eyes in most critical hiring decisions.

At Ambassador, one of the leading employment firms in the South, we understand that the pace of recruitment technology can be difficult to keep up with. If you would like to turn any part of your company’s recruitment process over to us, contact us today and we can get started on acquiring top talent for your organization.