What to Look for in the Best Staffing Agencies

Posted February 25, 2016

If you're looking for a staffing agency, we'd like to start out by saying - look no further.

At Ambassador, we have built long-standing relationships with companies and individuals who consistently turn to us because of a mutual trust and an assurance that we have their best interests in mind.

In an ideal client-agency relationship, the client company gets the right people in place for the right job, while the contracted employee is able to achieve both their short- and long-term professional goals. There are several things to consider when looking at us and other staffing agencies in order to meet your needs as a job candidate.

A company should feel like your job search partner

The best thing about working with a staffing agency is they are motivated to help place you with one of their clients' companies. In your interactions with a staffing firm, it should feel like they are working to find you a job that best fits your skill set.

A good staffing company will set up an interview to discuss your abilities, your goals, and the job you are looking to land. Resumes don't always bring a candidate to life, and the staff at a top firm is like a job therapist: They will uncover your attributes related to the position you want, or a job you may not have even thought about.

A high-quality recruiter also understands a lot around the job you are looking for. Job descriptions are infamously vanilla and don't really offer all of the helpful inside details it would be useful to know.  A good staffing firm also has access to job openings that aren't posted, and after speaking with you, may suggest something you didn't even know was available.

A staffing firm should make you a better job candidate

A great staffing firm will go through your resume with you and thoroughly discuss your employment history, job skills, interests and non-work experience. Often, an attentive firm will send candidates back to develop their resume further. This is true for any candidate despite what stage of their career they might be at. Also, staffing firms frequently have insight into a job and know that if you changed your resume to "speak" to that awareness, you will be looked at more favorably by a prospective employer.

A good staffing firm should also offer or direct candidates toward beneficial education or certification programs. Whether its brushing up on Excel skills or earning a trade certification, gaining skills has the added effect of showing prospective employers you are taking a proactive approach to your career.

Great staffing companies make it a point to look after their contract workers, even after they have been successfully placed into a position, and this kind of follow-through is something we pride ourselves here at Ambassador. If you're looking to work with one of the leading employment firms in the South, contact us today!